1990 Volleyball Team (2015)

Hall of Fame 1990 Volleyball Team
2015 Inductees


1990 Sectional and Regional Champions

Fondest Memories

I am terrible at remembering certain instances.
I remember that we had a rocky start and about half way through the season we had a meeting to air everything out and from that point on we began playing like one unit with a mission.
I remember Coach Hatcher used to make us meditate and visualize jumping the highest we could jump or serving the best ace we could serve to the Chariots of Fire song!
I remember that the song we chose for our “theme” song was “We are Family” and it was appropriate because we all felt that way. Especially with Coach Hatcher as our Matriarch!
Good times!
– Jeni Smith

There are way too many to mention so I’ll try to stick to what comes to mind when I think of our team.
1. The true team spirit that was exuded by everyone stands out the most in my mind. Everyone worked hard and never wanted to let their teammates or Coach Hatcher down. We won as a team and we lost as a team. We truly had respect and love for everyone connected to our team. We had fun together, on and off the court.
2. Meditation during summer workouts to Chariots of Fire
3. Trying to walk down the stairs in the morning on the second and third days of summer workouts.
– Amy Vaira Booker

The memories are numerous and reminiscing brings laughter, tears and blessings to the heart. To name a few: volleyball season always brings a picture of Bridget Miller blocking
Greencastle’s Ledbetter to enable us to win the Regional and advance to the Semi-State. The memory of Knee pads with holes burnt in them from diving for balls, the most noticeable were worn by Amy Vaira. A determination to not let a ball hit the floor as Jeni Smith dives for a ball and slides into the concession table making the popcorn pop in the air again. A special bond : These girls were truly family and cared for each other because they shared shoes, socks, and knee pads when needed, and some of those knee pads really reeked of season long sweat. There is no place like “The Green Dome” with the families and fans cheering a team on to victory. The parents were a 5 star rating on a 4 star scale. These girls believed in themselves and they believed in each other and they MADE IT HAPPEN! Thanks for the memories to cherish!

– Coach Hatcher

And as far as memories go… All I can remember was our unity as a team… We were family… I do remember practiced and running stair laps and Mrs Hatcher pushing us to go hard. She took off after all of us and said if I pass you all, you have to run another… In which she came super close until Tonya Notter and another player hooked arms so Mrs Hatcher couldn’t pass to finish… We all died laughing. I’m sure we ran another for it bc if she could do it we knew we were supposed to be able do it too. No matter how hard we practiced or were pushed, we loved and appreciated it all. This team was amazingly talented and hard working, the coach was unlike any other and the experience goes beyond words.

– Neilly Smith

Who can forget the team lunches, winning regional and of course, the stair laps!

– Bridget Short